About Us

CrestWave Technologies is a young and fast growing company, which integrates mobile and payment services.

CrestWave Technologies is an established team of professionals operating in the market of automation and system integration in the areas of payment technology and telecom for more than 10 years.

It is our mission to always be at the forefront of technology and provide the best possible solution that meets the most demanding requirements of the modern world.

We continuously listen to our customers and we are always available to meet their requests at our best.

Our team is always on the same wavelength with the customer, providing not only a modern and perfect solution but also an excellent service and support .

The following represents some of the companies that have used and testified the quality of our services:

  • «Eldorado» Retailer, Moscow – Russia's largest network of home appliances and electronics,
  • RosEvroBank, Moscow - one of the largest Russian banks operating since 1994,
  • Equity Bank, Kenya - the largest bank in the Republic of Kenya ranked as one of top 80 banks in the world,
  • Virtual Mobile Operator Equitel, Kenya - the first successful project of a virtual mobile operator in the Republic of Kenya, which has сreated a competition to the existing provider of mobile money M-PESA, Safaricom operator,
  • Kenya Bankers Assosiation, Kenya - professional organisation representing the banks in Kenya,
  • PT Econdelight, Bali - Indonesian internet provider Gecko,
  • «Dostavka Linz» Company, Moscow - one of the largest online retailers and vending machines for contact lenses in Russia,
  • Matrix Telecom, Moscow - virtual mobile operator that provides its services since 2000.