Remote data management and collection

Hardware-software complex enabled the collection of data about the hardware operations and execution of certain procedures with it. The solution for remote control and data collection by CrestWave Technologies resolves the problem of tracking critical metrics of the observed hardware, automation of routine procedures and response to emergency situations.


The range of applicability of M2M solutions is very high. This decision may be demanded for tracking and responding to the work of automated systems such as counter or traffic lights. It can also be used for managing external events like turning on lights or increasins water levels above the controlled level.

CrestWave Technologies solution is universal and easily configurable; this flexibility allows using this solution in many different areas.

The solution includes the server side, which performs centralised data collection and storage, module for managing M2M terminals, their registration and update, HSM module for encrypting and signing requests, secure storage of important data, interface for the solution administration, and operator interface.


Data collection from the observed hardware

  • Examination of the regular operation mode,
  • Monitoring the temperature,
  • Humidity tracking,
  • Level tracking,
  • Volume sensors monitoring,
  • Opening sensors monitoring,
  • Tracking of other predefined sensors.

Performing routine operations

  • Routine operations are performed according to the schedule, for each routine an invididual handler is created,
  • The number of handlers is logically unlimited, the only limit that exists is the hardware memory,
  • All operations are logged locally and are then sent to the server.

Performing operations on the event

  • Event operations are executed upon reaching a certian metric or when receiving the specific data from responding sensors,
  • For each operation an individual handler is created,
  • All operations are logged locally and are then sent to the server.

Handling of emergency situations

  • In the event of emergency there is a possibility of predefining certain actions with an obligatory notification reporting to a central server,
  • Additional notification via SMS or email to various predetermined locations.

Customization and fine-tuning

  • Integration with the hardware for data collection using external sensors, thermometer, gyroscope, fluid level, etc.
  • Integration with the hardware for data collection using TTL/RS232 joint,
  • Integration with the hardware for data collection via ethernet channels,
  • Integration with the hardware for data collection via contactless protocols like wifi, bluetooth etc.
  • Sending out the data to a central server via any available channel - SMS,USSD,IP etc.
  • Additional development of processors for performing new necessary operations,
  • Remote update and launch of a new functionality,
  • Remote update of the firmware and base functionality of m2m devices,
  • Execution of occasional operations as per request from the server.

Generalised screen for support service

  • Interface for displaying the main system metrics,
  • Interface for the regular service operations,
  • Convenient display of the systems logs with the search functionality.

Reports and statistics

  • Periodic construction of the system performance reports,
  • Periodic dispatch of the reports to managers, including via email,
  • Ability to customize both online and regular reports.

Secure data storage

  • Data about the keys, sim card numbers and other important data is encrypted using HSM,
  • Important and sensitive data is masked when being displayed in the interface and reports,
  • System performance reports and statistics are archived and are available for lon-term storage.

The second important solution component is M2M module, which is responsible for automation. Module has the most modern drivers onboard inlcuding wifi, bluetooth, ethernet, gsm-модем with gps positioning system. Built-in GPIO ports allows the connection to 10 additional sensors for reading important metrics like temperature, water level, position in space, luminosity etc. The device is powered from 5 volts network and has built-in battery, which last up to 8 hours, while preserving all business functionalities.

The introduction of the solution will enable the reduction in maintenance and hardware control costs. Automation of periodic processes, as well as monitoring the status updates on the automated network will also be enabled.