Diameter Routing Agent

Diameter routing agent is a solution for building a converged environment in telecommunications. Diameter routing agent allows connecting solutions of different hardware and software providers into a single network using capabilities of one or another solution at the maximum capacity.


Diameter routing agent plays one of the most important roles for the creation of modern convergent networks in telecom. By uniting solutions of various providers, it allows the creation of transparent integration schemes by simplifying their administration and by dividing the network topology into clear isolated elements.

The main advantage of the offered solution is the support of diamater and radius protocols, dcc/cca/s6a/gx/rx applications together with ss7 gsm-map and built-in support of xml-rpc with the wide capabilities for customization. This allows you to follow the latest requirements in relation to the linkage of 2g/3g/LTE via universal and flexible solution Intelligent DRA.

In addition to integration with the hardware it realises a simple and clear mechanism for billing, auditing and accessibility rules.


  • Support of transport protocols IP and SIGTRAIN.
  • Configuration with the use of XML files and network consoles.
  • Monitoring using SNMP and via WEB.
  • The implementation of IETF, 3GPP and GSMA compliant relay agent, proxy agent, redirect agent and translating agent.
  • Support of wide range of hardware equipment - Huawei, Ericsson, AirSpan, Amdocs etc.