POS Terminal

Mobile terminal or simply MPOS aims to perform card operations using mobile card reader and mobile phone. The solution may be demanded by small business or by mobile traders, as well as by banks or insurance companies for performing operations for data collection, registration or profile updates.


The main differentiating aspect of offered Mobile terminals is first of all its simplicity and a quick addition of new business functionalities to the application for resolving business tasks of the ordering Client.

New business functionality may realise an additional business process of the Client - filling in the forms, applications for add-on functionality or service, data collection about the buyer etc. The collected data will then be sent to the server in order to be checked and processed. In such case, the collection of the data is managed centrally, from the server. In case of the data collected was incomplete or with mistakes the operatore of mobile terminal will receive the instructions to retry or request for additional data. The process of money withdrawal from the card will the final step for the executed business transaction.


The mobile device will allow the following on the mobile device:

  • registration and authorisation of merchant agent
  • execution of business operations
  • fulfillment of card transactions
  • The server may remotely manage the mobile device, collect the relevant statistics on the device and its current location, and perform the device lock and reconfiguration.

    Supported devices

    • Ingenico iCMP,
    • RoamData,
    • EzeTap,
    • Datex.

    Server side

    • Realised on the basis of Payment Gateway Platform solution,
    • Additional functionality of electronic payments is realised in the PGWP module,
    • Integration with the services of external systems that are realised in the PGWP module,
    • The management over terminal network,
    • Administrator interface,
    • Sellers' portal.