Monitoring of services in GSM and LTE networks

Hardware-software complex that enables monitoring within GSM and/or LTE networks. The monitoring solution by CrestWave technologies resolves issues regarding monitoring and evaluation of service-quality in real-time within the coverage area.


The solution allows to track the network coverage and load, grants the monitoring of technical and financial services provided by the network, performs automated operations and notifies about the results in a centralised server for monitoring. Monitoring server of the network performs the data aggregation and storage, construction of graphs and reports. It also allows fulfilling configuration and monitoring network adjustment tasks.

Due to periodic data collection on the battlefield, it is possible to build a real picture of how the service works in different parts throughout the whole network.

In addition to monitoring, the solution also performs the 'usual' business operations that are performed by the user including the balance requests, money transfer, statement checks, internet access or activation of additional services.

This additional business functionality allows positioning the system not onl as a reliable and convenient solution for receing real data, but also as a instrument that allows to understand and see all user issues in the real point.

The deployment of monitoring solution allows understanding what is happening or happend at every point of the network and provides an opportunity to build a truly remarkable service to the subscriber.


Monitoring of network infrastructure ul li Tracking of signal levels, li Tracking the type of connection to the network, li Monitoring availability of SMS center, li Minotring availability of USSD-center, li Monitoring server availability via TCP/IP, li Tracking the speed of data transmission using ICMP protocols, li Tracking the speed of data transmission using HTTP or FTP protocols.

Monitoring of business processes

  • Request the user's balance via SMS,
  • Request the user's balance via USSD,
  • Request the user's balance via TCP/IP (HTTP),
  • Request of mini-statements,
  • Request on getting the status updates on connected services,
  • Request for connecting/disconnecting certain services,
  • Request for extension of the services,
  • Request of a promised payment,
  • Fulfillment of the replenishment,
  • Fulfillment of the money transfer.

Secure data storage Безопасное хранение данных

  • Data about the keys, sim card numbers and other important data is encrypted using HSM,
  • Important and sensitive data is masked when being displayed in the interface and reports,
  • System performance reports and statistics are archived and are available for lon-term storage.

Customization and fine-tuning

  • Data collection from devices via any available channel - SMS,USSD,IP etc.
  • Additional development of processors for performing new necessary operations required for monitoring of the service or network level,
  • Remote update and launch of a new functionality,
  • Remote update of the firmware and base functionality of monitoring devices,
  • Execution of occasional operations as per request from the server.

Generalised screen for support service

  • Interface for displaying the main system metrics,
  • Interface for the operator of the Network Management Center,
  • Convenient display of the systems logs with the search functionality.

Reports and statistics

  • Periodic construction of the system performance reports,
  • Periodic dispatch of the reports to managers, including via email,
  • Ability to customize both online and regular reports.