Mobile money

Mobile electronic money is an effective solution for the provision of financial services via mobile phones or within the network of mobile operators.


According to a World Bank report, there are more people with a mobile phone than people with a bank account. This presents a great potential for the provision of financial services via mobile phone.

«Mobile money» solution offered by CrestWave technologies company is an innovative solution, which allows its users to do quick, safe, and efficient payments for most popular services using a mobile phone. The solution leverages CrestWave technologies company’s unprecedented experience in the area of IT and telecom solution. CrestWave technologies company aims to support its clients, who are interested in the installation of the «Mobile money» solution.

«Mobile money» solution is recommended to following organisations:

  • Mobile Network Operators;
  • Telecommunication Companies;
  • Financial Institutions;
  • Retail companies.

«Mobile money» solution can also be used by government organisations and funds as it is an optimal solution for making secure and efficient disbursements and accruals to individuals with «Mobile money» accounts. A database with personal and contact details for each individual allows to make automatic disbursements at regular intervals. After the successful completion of the transfer, the user will receive a notification about received funds via SMS.


«Mobile money» solution enables businesses to set up an electronic account for each customer, which has an «electronic balance» and to which the user has access via mobile phone. With the use of a mobile phone, «Mobile money» solution users can receive access to the following functionalities:

  • Airtime top-up – to top-up mobile phone's account balance via the phone;
  • Payment to merchants – to pay for goods and services via mobile phone;
  • Receipt of disbursements – to receive various kinds of fund transfers;
  • Discount coupons and gift certificates – to send discount coupons and gift certificates to users' mobile phones;
  • QR code – to scan the QR code and make the immediate payment for goods and services;
  • Loyalty points – to load bonus points for clients' loyalty;
  • Payment for bills – to pay for utility and subscription bills;
  • Cash withdrawal – to exchange «electronic balance» amount with the cash via mobile phone.