POS Terminal

The purpose of the POS-terminal is the execution of card operations using cards with magnetic stripe, chip or contactless interface. Terminal can be used as a stationary tool in the retail chain or department stores, as well as in a taxi or as by mobile traders.


The main differentiating feature of CrestWave Technologies' POS-terminals is foremost a simple and quick addition of new business functionalities to the terminal's firwmware to resolve client's business tasks

New business functionality can realise sales of some product with a corresponding update to the counts on the card, execution of write-offs not only from the card, but also from mobile money accounts (in this case, card is just an identificator of the access to the account), money transactions, payment for pre-defined services etc.

POS-terminal allows to work both in online and offline modes preserving all executed transactions in the internal memory. Data synchronisation is possible at the same time at the close of the day.

It supports the operating mode, where for the transaction preparation POS-terminal need to connect to the server to receive the required data. As in the case of requesting penalty data by providing identity card details or by checking the parameters of prepared payment.

POS-terminal allows performing multiple transactions in a single payment. For example, the transaction for topping up mobile phone account and withdrawing money from the bank card.


Card support

  • With magnetic stripe,
  • Card with chips,
  • Contactless cards,
  • Payment systems Visa/MasterCard,
  • PayPass & PayWave technologies,
  • Local card projects (Transport, Paid roads, Bonus and Loyalty cards),
  • Cards with multiple applications with a possibility to choose the required app.


  • Realised on the basis of Payment Gateway Platform solution,
  • Addiitional functionality of electronic payments is made in PGWP module,
  • Integration with the external system services is made in PGWP module,
  • Management of terminal network,
  • Administrator interface,
  • Sellers' portal.

POS-terminal consists of:

  • magnit stripe reader,
  • chip reader,
  • contactless nfc/mifare reader,
  • printer,
  • gsm-modem (optional),
  • ethernet module (optional),
  • wifi module (optional),
  • bluetooth module (optional).