Mobile Gateway

Mobile Gateway is an automated system for provisioning of distant services via electronic channels. Mobile gateway enables quick launch of the mobile bank service, information service for opening bank accounts or checking delayed operations.


Mobile Gateway is used for the quick solution expansion for processing and performing operations by the end-user. As a general rule, for the majority of Mobile Gateway installations are used together with the "Distribution of informational messages". This allows performing business operations as per the request of the end-user from the mobile channels. For example, for performing the operations that was initiated by the SMS sent by the end-user from the Viber application or from http source, both Mobile Gateway and Messaging modules will be deployed.

On the basis of the Mobile Gateway, the following functions could be realised:

  • Online stores,
  • Mobile banking,
  • Internet banking,
  • Voting system,
  • User's member area,
  • Server side for STK or Mobile apps.

Available modules for Mobile Gateway:

  • Service Catalog (user menu),
  • Recognition of the telcom operator,
  • Voice Module,
  • Template processing (messages, web-pages, reports)
  • Preparation of the tables (xls), documents (pdf)

Mobile gateway is a module system that allows you to develop solutions and add new required functionalities by saving investments and without setting new systems.


Integration with bank and external systems:

  • Finacle InfoSys,
  • Openway Way4,
  • Tieto,
  • SmartVista,
  • SAP Mobilizer, SAP CRM.

Supported integration protocols

  • WebServices,
  • WebSockets,
  • ISO 8584,
  • SQL,
  • Hessian.

Integration with mobile platforms including the development of mobile apps

  • Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad)
  • Google Android (smartphones and tablets)
  • Windows (smartphones и metro apps)