SMS Center and USSD Gateway

Universal solution for the termination of SMS and USSD traffic. The solution allows for the inclusion in the signaling network SS7/ОКС7 via SIGTRAN protocol. For client connections integration via SMPP и/или XML, JSON are available.


SMS Center and USSD Gateway - flexible, scalable and modern platform that allows to implement both standard functionalities, which are in high demand by telecom operators, and additional functionalities that connects corresponding modules.

The solution differentiates itself by its flexibility, scalability, and high productivity.

The versatility of the solution lies in the fact that it can be deployed in any environment and in any hardware architecture, which supports Java.

It supports SMPP protocol transport layer and the incorporation via SIGTRAN protocol.

Reporting on the platform's work can be obtained with the help of the report web portal, which can be exported to the external system.


  • Support of the transport protocols SMPP v3.4 and SIGTRAN
  • Compliance with 3gpp 23.048 and Global platform standards
  • Configuration with the use of XML files, telnet consoles, and web portals
  • Monitoring using SNMP and via websocket connectors